It is no secret that the wand vibrator is the cornerstone of any well-known sex toy collection.

The wand is the whisperer of the clitoris. Whoever you are or whatever you like, almost every woman will agree that a wand vibrator is the best thing in the world.

Did you know that love for a magic wand can be part of your partner’s sex, not just your favorite masturbation accomplice? Yes, that is correct. These are not two things that are mutually exclusive. Here is how to use your favorite giant sex toy during sex.

            why use the wand massager


How to Use a Wand Massager

Warm Up Is Important!

Like all enjoyable sex, foreplay and warming up are also important.

Warm up when engaging in any form of sexual activity. Before increasing the vibration, touch yourself to get the blood to the genitals. Give your body some time to warm up, you may find new exciting places (with or without magic wands), but the more blood flow you encourage, the stronger the orgasm!

                       warm up your body



Good Vibes Only

The powerful vibrating power of the wand will elicit moans that you never even expected. Many people who have never experienced an orgasm use a magic wand, and the result is a strong orgasm.

            good vibe

Don’t Stop Moving!

Due to the strong vibration of the wand massager, some people find that even if the wand is held in one place for a short period of time, they may feel numb. It is important to remember that you have not hurt or made you nervous. If you feel bad, step back and protect your body from the vibration.

Please keep the massager moving over the entire vulva or penis to avoid this situation.

Sensitive nerve endings around the anus can also be stimulated. Up and down, or go in circles or even left to right (Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start).

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