Honesty is always the best policy, and maintaining frankness and honesty is the key to building a good relationship which includes things you like and dislike during sex.

You want to stay on the way home, rather than using the old lie of "working overtime". Sexual honesty with your partner is much more than your loyalty or honesty to such small things

Healthy relationships are always built on trust, respect and sexual honesty. Therefore, in order to avoid feeling frustrated in the bedroom, here are three tips to maintain a strong relationship and a good sex life between people.

Just ask

Considering your partner’s needs and feelings has always been very important to maintaining a healthy relationship, so many people think that being a good partner means putting your lover’s needs first, but forgetting that constantly ignoring your needs will cause you trouble.

Honesty does not necessarily mean hurt or rude. The real key is to tell your partner in the bedroom what works for you and what does not work for you in the right way. If you suddenly blurt out "I don't like it" during sex, you may get a defensive response. When you and your partner are in a relaxed environment, try to have a conversation about your sexual orientation.

The way the conversation is handled is also important. Don't tell your partner what you particularly dislike, but tell them what you really like about sex. In this way, they will not feel unhappy, and may be willing to accept obligations!

Don’t fake it

In terms of orgasm, women are not the only ones who can fake orgasm. For various reasons, men and women pretend to have orgasms from time to time. However, whether it is to avoid hurting the lover’s feelings, build confidence, or just to end a long safe sex, pretending will only send the wrong signal.

If you pretend to have an orgasm convincingly, your lover will innocently believe that you really like this kind of sex and think they are doing all the right things. Sadly for you, this means that they might perform the same operation again next time.

Don't let the frustration worsen, but take the lead in letting your partner know what you like and what is useful to you. If you are too tired, drunk or stressed, please be honest.

Remember, sex does not always cause you and your partner to have orgasms at the same time. Forged orgasms will only lead to imitation, and perhaps, in the long run, unrealistic passion will only lead to more sexual frustration.

Say ‘no’

Everyone is unique, so we all have different wishes. When your partner asks you to do some sex or play a specific sex game, you don't have to say "yes" all the time.

If you don't like or hate certain sexual behaviors, please tell them directly. Focus on honest, judgment is not so important. Compromise is an important part of any healthy relationship unless you are asked to do things that you really don't like to do. Blindly obedient to your partner will lead to long-term resentment.

Finding the sexual confidence of saying “no” is as important as saying “yes”.

The foundation of any caring and cordial relationship is trust and respect. Always remember to give your lover respect that they deserve to be told the truth about the way you like and what you do like. Then you won’t need any love advice!