How to Use the Vibrating Dildo

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1.Press the Sensitive Area First

   The nipple, vulva, labia, clitoris, G-spot, anus and other areas. Then, grab the Vibrating Dildo and place its head, which is the vibration area, on these sensitive points. At the beginning, you can press a certain part and let the woman continue to enjoy the feeling of vibration. The frequency of the massage stick can be adjusted when pressing, generally divided into low, medium and high three gears, in the process of using it can stick to one gear, or can be adjusted arbitrarily.

2.The Clitoris "Draw a Circle"

   After a woman presses her clitoris for a period of time, she begins to get used to the effects of the vibrator. At this time, you can use the vibrator to "draw a circle" and roll on the clitoris to increase the impact on her. The frequency can also be switched at this time.

3.Switching Frequency

   After pressing and "drawing a circle", you can temporarily lift the Vibrating Dildo an interval of 1 or 2 seconds, and then put it down , continue pressing or "drawing a circle", giving a woman a feeling that sometimes does not happen. Don't change the frequency when doing this kind of influence, it is best to adjust to the maximum fluctuation.

4.Stimulate other Sensitive Areas  

   After teasing a woman’s clitoris for a period of time, take the vibrator to change the sensitive part and choose the starting point. The best is from the nipple to the clitoris, and then detour around the back. This can stimulate all sensitive parts of the body and have a more comprehensive impact on the woman. . Advocate to use the maximum frequency to roam.

5.Formally Pierced into the Vagina

   After a woman’s vagina secrete fluid and moisten her vagina, gradually penetrates it to prevent dryness, pain and other undesirable conditions. If it is still dry, you can use lubricating oil. If you are still worried that it is not hygienic, you can put a condom on the safety helper. In fact, at this both of you can now formally "start war", and The Vibrating Dildo's mission will come to an end for the time being.

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The Maintenance of The Vibrating Dildo

  1. Sex toys after used have a lot of secretions and lubricating oil residues. If you don’t clean for a long time, the vibrator will multiply bacteria, so you must clean your toys after use.
  2. When cleaning, prevent the switch, power supply, from getting wet, rub the Vibrating Dildo with your fingers while scouring, do not use a brush or acid cleaning agent to clean.
  3. After rinsing,wipe it with a dry cotton cloth. Perhaps excellent paper towels are also a good choice. After scrubbing, air dry naturally and Never get exposed to the sun!

  4. Finally, it can be disinfected with a special cleaning solution or diluted alcohol (75%), or it can be stored after sprinkling some talcum powder.

  5. <For Battery Vibaring Dildo>Keep in mind that the battery must be taken out after use, do not leave it in the toy, otherwise the battery may be corroded! You can store it in a flannel bag or anti-dust bag, and try to keep it in a cool place and keep it dry.

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Where to Put the Vibartor is more Comfortable

1.The Clitoris

   the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman's sexual organs, it makes a woman reach orgasm, so putting a vibrator on the clitoris to vibrate can easily make a woman reach orgasm. The top located between the labia minora on both sides is the meeting point of the upper ends of the labia majora on both sides. It is a small cylindrical organ, surrounded by the clitoris foreskin, about 2-4 cm. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman's physiology and is generally one of the most important sources of sexual pleasure in anatomical structure.


   G-spot is another sexually sensitive point of women. Due to the G-spot is located inside the vagina, the Vibrating Dildo is required to be longer. Of course, when the Vibarting Dildo can reach the G-spot, it can make the woman reach orgasm, enjoy the sexual pleasure and feel Comfortable. The G-point was proposed by the German obstetrician and gynecologist Ensti Grazi, which refers to 3.5-4 cm of the vaginal opening next to the front wall of the vagina (2/3 of the woman's vagina from the outside to the inside), which is what we often say The anus. G-spot is the area around the front wall of a woman's vagina, which surrounds the urethra and is also a part of the corpus cavernosum of the urethra. It is a woman's erogenous zone. When affected, it can cause extremely sexual excitement and strong orgasms.

C-spot and G-spot dual stimulation