Does the thought of your partner say "talk dirty to me" make you panic? If the prospect of dirty words (other than "yes" and other misgroans) embarrass you, you are not alone.

            dirty talk

In the beginning, dirty words may feel strange because you will spend some time trying to say perfect dirty words to your partner. Take it easy-talking dirty is not an exact science, and navigating it depends more on your comfort and understanding of it. There is a way how to speak dirty words during sex, as well as a way to stimulate excitement by saying sexy words to your partner outside the bedroom.

            fuck me like an animal

But when you know what to say? The rewards of eroticism are huge. Therefore, we have collected some basic guidelines on how to talk dirty to help you understand the inner sex goddess. Prepare to wake up your partner in an unprecedented way.

            talk dirty

Discover Their Trigger Word

Your partner has a favorite term,  body parts and sexual behavior (such as sexual intercourse and oral interaction), which can be used most effectively. Jaiya calls these  "trigger words" because the mere sound of them is usually enough to stimulate his sense of arousal. "Start by sending dirty text messages back," suggested Dr. Ruth Neustifter, author of The Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty. "This is a good way to figure out what words they like." Your line: "I can't wait to see you tonight. Tell me all the places you want me to touch you." They will use the most pornographic words to help you Make a vocab for the bedroom.

            lie down shut up

Tell Them What You Plan To Do

Ready for advanced dirty talk? Tell your partner the sexy action you want to perform. Jaya said, “It’s much easier to take care of women than to say ‘this is what I want’.” This can be done easily by suggesting an action that you both have tried in the past. (For example, these sexual positions stimulate the clitoris.) This way, you know that they will actively accept your claims, which will make you feel more confident.

              dirty words during sex

More Confident

1.Get started easily.

Allow yourself to move forward at your own pace.

2.Don't think too much.

It doesn't have to be super creative, but it should feel good for you and your partner.

3.Have fun.

Let dirty talk enhance your sexual experience, not hinder it.

4.Avoid any details.

When you want to describe the moment for your partner, you don't have to mention their cup size or girth.

                 DIRTY TALK