There are three different stages in the human sexual response cycle, the Excitement period, the Climax period, and the Fading period.

The purpose of foreplay is that allow both partners to enter a state of excitement.

The correct foreplay can effectively eliminate the tension and anxiety of both parties, while helping each other relax, arouse desire, stimulate gonadal secretion, prepare both parties for physical and mental preparation, enhance sex quality and increase orgasm.


The Necessity of Foreplay

Women will have a certain sense of resistance psychologically without foreplay; physiologically, it is difficult to secrete enough body fluid, dry, and difficult to penetrate, not only cause pain for women but also affect the pleasure of men.

Although men do not require much foreplay, it is very important for middle-aged and elderly men. With the decline of libido, physical fitness, and erectile ability, foreplay is needed to arouse libido and help erection.

The best foreplay should fulfill the four major needs of people’s visual, hearing, tactile, and smell. It creates an atmosphere of sex and gradually prepares the body through a sexy dress, a gentle caress, unique smell, and sweet love words.

How Important of Foreplay for Making Love


How to Do Foreplay

1.Sensory Stimulation


We start with the simplest lighting in our daily life, creating a dim and soft environment, making it soft and smooth, and making the naked body's lines attractive. In terms of dressing, in many cases, wearing it is more provocative than not wearing it. So women can prepare a set of lace or sexy underwear or even a cosplay.


Everyone loves to listen to good words. Sometimes praise your partner with good words, it’s helpful to let him/her show his/her body confidently in front of you. This helps her concentrate on making love without being distracted and helps her quickly enter the state


Kisses and hugs are to establish the link between the body and the body, increase the adaptation and trust of each other until the whole body relax and breathe slightly, start touching with your hands or mouth, from the insensitive skin and non-genital parts to the more sensitive part step by step.

2.Focus on Foreplay: Clitoris

For most women, stimulation of the clitoris is the only way to achieve orgasm. Studies have shown that about 90% of women can get a clitoral orgasm, and less than 70% of women can get a vaginal orgasm, but this is usually based on adequate stimulation of the clitoris.

3.Props that Can be Used

Vibrators are an important sex toy to achieve excitation for women. The excitement generated by vibrators is often beyond the self-control ability of women, and the role of vibrators cannot be resisted or concealed.

Continuously stimulating the sensitive point with vibrators will eventually trigger the climax. The vibrators can maintain the normal physiological stimulation of women’s vaginas, and the vibrators are as important as people doing gymnastics to keep fit.

Props that Can be Used



No one knows your body better than yourself, and no one knows where your “sensitive points” are better than yourself, So boldly express what kind of foreplay you want with your partner, and respect his/her opinions and adopt foreplay that is acceptable to both parties, enjoy a beautiful and pleasant sex life together!