Using dildos or just the idea of using dildos goes back many centuries. The idea of them has been recorded in paintings and sculptures as far back as the fourth and fifth centuries. The Book of the Kama Sutra features early dildos made of wood, leather and stalks. These recordings show not only women but men using them as well. So this toy, like many others, applies to no specific gender. But why would anyone want to use them? They don't vibrate. They don't twist. They don't rock-n-roll. So, why bother using them? Well,Some of the advantages which dildos bring by using them are as follows: 

It will Stimulation Your Senses

If you are missing the feeling of having a long, thick cock inside of you, just let a dildo help you fill the void! Dildos are the more or less meant to simulate a real man's penis. So dildos help to recreate that arousal level, especially when you are so desparately missing the real thing..

They help in elevating the mood of an individual

Dildos will help you to change the inner mood of yourself and leave you feeling satiated and relieved. Dildos can be used as an alternate to a real penis. It is able to give you perfect sexual contact with you being in total control. Dildos give the right feelings that you are looking or. 

Great Exploration

Utilizing a dildo also allows the user to find new erotic places in herself. You can practice your strategy and perfect it before actually performing this act on your partner.

Both Males As Well As Females Can Use

A woman uses a rubber penis on herself to replicate intercourse with a male.
Gay partners use dildos as a form of safe sex because you can pleasure your partner in the anus without risk of obtaining a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).