A few days ago, the discussion about the "uncivilized" bed behavior in the group, a girl shared her recent personal experience, which is interesting. Many people have plaits that "we are the same"after listening it.

The girl said: I met a guy who refused to put the condom on . After a long time negotiation, the guy finally asked her to "put the condom on during sex."
Her attitude was firm, saying that "No condom before sex, No sex between us"
This situation is not rare among people. Even the people in certain relationship or get married but don't want children temporarily, they will also be at a loss:

About sex, we desire not only intimacy also safety. So is it reliable to "put the condom on during sex "? let's talk about it today.

What's the mentality of putting the condom on halfway through sex?

In most cases, many people think that direct insertion is more exciting than other methods. it's more like not putting condom on than putting it halfway.
Is it uncomfortable to put the condom on, reducing pleasure?

The general feeling of the condom is that it is not so [cool]. Some people describe it as being wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap, wrapped, bound, or even completely isolated.

In addition, not only men do not like the feeling of putting the condom on, some girls also think that it does affect the good experience of sex/love.
"putting on a condom, you will feel pain"

The unfriendly experience of condoms makes many people simply refuse to use them.
A survey conducted by the Health Statistics Center found that only 19% of men used condoms every time they had sex.
The ratio is less than one-third, very small.

Affect male erectile function?

A few closed friends of the opposite sex complained to me: After putting on the condom, the penis seemed to be unable to get hard. In short, I felt that the whole person was weak.

The friend said, "I do want to be considerate of girls, but I am worried that I will not have a good performance and make them feel that I am really bad."

A fluke, not enough safety awareness

Sex is a stimulating and dangerous game. Some people are lucky enough to vent their desires, regardless of the consequences. After all, it does not necessarily happen to them.

The fluke is mainly due to insufficient sexual knowledge and lack of understanding of the reproduction and reproduction process of both sexes. When you want to have sex, as long as you do not ejaculate in, or take the so-called "safety measures" before ejaculation, you can be foolproof.

Is it feasible to put the condom prior to ejaculation (cumming)?

Who doesn't want to experience intimate interaction with their partner and enjoy a more relaxed sex in bed? But at least for the moment, if you want to have a safe and happy sex, you can't do it without a condom, and you can't put it on during halfway.

Risk of Pregnancy

First of all, an important condition for human conception is that the egg and sperm combine to form a fertilized egg, so as long as there is a chance to meet, they may be pregnant.

Although it is worn before ejaculation, there is direct contact between the genitals of both parties. It’s still in a dangerous situation. If you don't put it on in the first before the penis enters directly, friction and stimulation may cause thin prostate fluid to flow out.

What's more, there are times losing control. There may be a small amount of sperm spilling if you are not careful. Even the boy himself is not too aware of it, or he can't control it and ejaculate directly in it, so the risk of pregnancy is higher.

Risk of Disease 

In addition to contraception, condoms can also reduce the risk of diseases caused by sex.
A new foreign study found that in male-to-male behavior, continuous condom using by each HIV-positive partner can reduce the HIV transmission rate by 91%.


Of course, some sexually transmitted infections, such as herpes, genital warts, and syphilis, may also be infected by skin contact.
In addition, in the process of sex, the condom will fall off and break, so it cannot prevent the disease 100% effectively.
But generally speaking, condoms work well in most cases. Using is definitely more of a guarantee than not using it.