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Today, sex toys are more popular in bedrooms than ever before, but some people think the idea of using them is dangerous. Men may think that vibrators are a substitute. Women may feel insecure about focusing solely on their own enjoyment.

However, toys can build intimacy, speed up a woman's arousal (assuming she likes vibration-not all women do), and if men tend to get up faster than women, this is very helpful in bridging the "orgasm gap."


They have various noises/powers and differ in shape and size. If you are new to adult toys, start with the lowest setting-the vibration may take a while to get used to. The contour of the PELEPAS Vibrating Panties G Spot Vibrator helps stimulate the G-spot. Pelepas Mini Bullet Vibrator is small, quiet, and perfect for discreet gaming.

pelepas vibrator


These are non-vibrating, usually phallic, and most of them can be worn in a strap to penetrate your partner. Some are equipped with suction cups, so you can also use them in the bathtub or shower.

pelepas dildo

Penis Ring

These toys are also known as love rings and cock rings, ranging from rubber or silicone rings (helping to collect blood in the penis, increasing the strength and duration of a man’s erection) to more complex designs including Handheld Penis Vibrator, Stamina Cock Ring, Vibrating Cock Ring.

pelepas penis ring

Butt Plug

Designed specifically for anal games, these have a flared bottom or string that is easy to remove. Do not use any anus that is not designed for the purpose.

pelepas butt plug

New toys are being developed every day. Shopping online together and choosing toys that appeal to both parties can be an intimate experience—not to mention a reason to wait for a happy hour.

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