About Sex

  • Female Vagina: What Do You Know

    The best relationship is nothing more than that you know my length, I know your depth. This sentence force me curious, Does the perfect fit exist o...
  • How to Improve Your Stamina During Sex — Kegel exercises

    We have talked about penis trivia knowledge last time, and as I said, It’s doesn’t matter the size! What the matter is the skill during sex, like h...
  • Q&A :Man’s Penis Trivial Knowledge

    Q 1: Is the crooked penis normal? A 1: Generally, it is normal, and it may be tilted up, down, left, and right. Let's understand the internal stru...
  • How to Use Sex Toy—Vibrator

    How to Use the Vibrating Dildo 1.Press the Sensitive Area First    The nipple, vulva, labia, clitoris, G-spot, anus and other areas. Then, grab t...
  • Orgasmic Dysfunction: Why can't Orgasm Anymore During Intercourse

       Today We are going to talk about Female Orgasmic Dysfunction.    My friend told me that She has been married for few years but most time, even ...
  • How Important of Foreplay for Making Love

    There are three different stages in the human sexual response cycle, the Excitement period, the Climax period, and the Fading period. The purpose o...
  • What Is Oral Sex?

    Oral sex is a common sexual act.

    Be open to it.

  • The Pelepas Cock Ring Buying Guide

    There is everything you need to know about the cock ring in this guide. Or maybe you want to find the perfect cock ring for you and your partner to buy? Read all in our cock ring buying guide.
  • The Best Important Thing in Sex-Honest

    Be open with your partner and enjoy yourself even more!
  • Adults Playtime

    New toys are being developed every day. Shopping online together and choosing toys that appeal to both parties can be an intimate experience—not to mention a reason to wait for a happy hour. Toys can build intimacy, speed up a woman's arousal (assuming she likes vibration-not all women do), and if men tend to get up faster than women, this is very helpful in bridging the "orgasm gap."
  • Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Your Sex Toys

    After you are intoxicated with the happiness after orgasm, how to clean the sex toys that just brought you happiness may be the last thing you worry about. Actually, this is a big problem.
  • How to Choose a Masturbator

    The right sex toy is a decent investment. If you choose something great, it will probably be by your side, placed in a drawer or proudly placed on the bedside table for a good long time. So, what kind of questions do you need to ask to ensure that you buy the best male sex toy for you?